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Tanabe-Nakashima Oceanographic Observation Tower

 There is a Oceanographic Observation Tower; Tanabe-Nakashima Oceanographic Observation Tower, in the bay mouth of Tanabe Bay, Wakayama prefecture. The tower was built for comprehensive observation station of weather and oceanographic phenomenon in near shore areas.  Tanabe bay is opened to west and the width of bay mouth is around 4.0km, the bay area is 17.95 km2 and the topography of ocean floor is almost flat, and the mean depth of the bay is approximately 30 meter. There is an underwater mountain rising above the ocean floor at the center of bay mouth, which is called Nakashima, and the observation tower was built on the top of underwater mountain in 1993.

※Location of Tower: lat.33°42′32″N, lon.135°19′58″E    (World Geodetic System)


観測塔 観測塔

Measurement Items

   Several measuring instruments, e.g. anemometer, pyranometer, thermometer, hygrometer, barometer, wave gauge and water thermometer, are installed on the tower in order to implement continuous observation in the sea ares.
Additionally, webcam is installed at the tower and the photographing images and those observation data are collected to data storage system. And then those collected data are transmitted periodically to main building of observatory through wireless LAN system. The transmitted data are stored and analysed automatically on the server.

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   The latest observation data are disclosed to everyone on the website of observatory, and the data have been accumulated in the forms of daily report and monthly report, which are including mean and maximum value, after analysis and confirmation process on the server.
   The observed data have been provided to the activity of cooperative research, Japan Coast Guard, Japan Oceanographic Data Center, Nanki-Shirahama Airport and local governments as occasion calls.

Observation Boat; Kaisho 「海象」

Name of boat       Kaisho;海象
Owner           Kyoto University
Intended purpose    Research ship
Registered number    252-12909
Type of boat       Bracket type
Material           FRP
Home port         Shirahama Port

Ship hull
  Total length   11.66m  Registered length  9.25m
  Total width   3.20m   Registered width  2.41m
  Deepness   1.26m   Registered depth  0.63m
  Gross tonnage 3.4ton
  Engine   YAMAHA MD730KUH 340Ps
  Speed   cruising;18 knots   Max.;23 knots
  Capacity   12 people(crew 1, passenger 11 people)

Nautical instruments
  Ultrasonic sounding machine

General tools
  derrick crane (hand‐powered)(500kg)
  Oil pressure capstan
  Electric winch4φ200M(200kg)
  AC generator AC100V 3KW
  Stabilized power supply AC100V. 500W

Observation Systems / Measuring Instruments

Available observational equipments

Observation ProfilingManufactureNotes
ADCP0~20mRD InstrumentsADCP frequency 1200Hz
Electromagnetic current meterALEC Electronics & IOTechnicCurrent speed/
(cable length:50m)
Ultrasonic wave gaugeFS 15mKAIJO SONICWave speed/Wave height
Propeller type anemometer0.4~90m/sW855-Z1
Wind speed/Wind direction<2D>
Ultrasonic anemometer0~60m/sSAT-550
Wind speed/Wind direction<3D>
Ultrasonic Weather StationAirmar
Wind speed/Wind direction<2D>/Barometric pressure/Air temperature/Humidity
Rain gauge RT-5
Tipping bucket type,
Dia. of receiver:200mm, A tilt of bucket:0.5mm