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Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory,
Research Center for Fluvial and Coastal Disasters,
DPRI Kyoto University
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Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory in Brief

   There are many research facilities in Wakayama Prefecture, and the Shiharaha Oceanographic Observatory is one of them and is located in Shirahama Town (Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun) which is well-known place of a tourist spot, such as Shirarahama beach, hot spring and so on.

   Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory is one of facilities of Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University, and constitutes Field Research Section for Fluvial and Coastal Hazards that belong to Research Center for Fluvial and Coastal Disasters with Shionomisaki Wind Effect Laboratory, Hodaka Sedimentation Observatory and Ogata Wave Observatory. Our research section engages especially in field observation activities and experiments for natural disaster prevention.

Main Building of Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory

Annex of Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory
(older building of SOO)


   The Shirahama oceanographic observatory is located in Katata, Shirahama town, and have managed a fixed point observation facility in Tanabe bay, which is a oceanographic observation tower; Tanabe-Nakashima oceanographic observation tower. The building of observatory was built in 1966, but research activities have been started since in 1961. The first oceanographic observation tower was located in 300 meter away from the south side shore of the Tanabe bay at that time. The old tower was used for continuous observation in sea area, e.g. wind, temperature, air pressure, rain, water temperature, wave, tide and current. After the Shirahama oceanographic observatory was established, the old main building was built in 1968 and extended the building in 1982. An observation boat(Kaisyo) was installed in 1985, it is still used for important our observation activities. The present observation tower was built in 1993, and simultaneous observation had been conducted using two towers until 1995.

the first oceanographical observation tower built at near shore of Tanabe Bay.
Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory established as a field facility of DPRI
First part of old main building constructed
First observation boat “Shira-Fuji” (2.4ton) installed
Construction of old main building completed (extension).
New observation boat “Kaisho” (3.4ton) installed.
New observation tower constructed at the baymouth of Tanabe Bay(Old observation tower withdrawn in 1995).
Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory have been attached to Research Center for Fluvial and Coastal Disasters.
New small observation boat “Shirafuji2”installed.
Near the end of 2014(H26)
Construction of main building completed.

海洋観測塔   観測塔
Oceanographic Observation Tower: (Left;1960~1995, Right;1993-)

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