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Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory,
Research Center for Fluvial and Coastal Disasters,
DPRI Kyoto University
TEL: +81 739-42-4352
FAX: +81 739-42-5532


Weather Data at Our Observatory

 The weather data of present situation are shown below, which have been observed by meteorological instruments installed on the roof of the Shirahama oceanographic observatory.

Weather Data (Location: Shirahama oceanographic observatory)

Latest Measurement Results

(data are updated every ten minutes.)

Past Measurement Results(hourly data)

【Wind speed】

【Wind direction】

【Rainfall and atmospheric pressure】

【Air temperature and humidity】

※These data show the average of the measured value in front of 10 minutes of each the hour.
※The wind direction indicates north wind at an angle of 0 degrees, and clockwise direction.