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Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory,
Research Center for Fluvial and Coastal Disasters,
DPRI Kyoto University
TEL: +81 739-42-4352
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Research Activity

   We are conducting a comprehensive observations of meteorology and oceanographic phenomenan using the observation tower while taking advantage of fixed observation point in sea area in order to clarify the phenomana of air-sea-land interactions in coastal area, and are also conducting researches of generation and development mechanisms of storm surge, huge waves, Tsunami and ocean flow from the viewpoint of disaster mitigation and prevention. In the summer season, several measuring instruments have been installed intensively on the observation tower and around the tower, and we have observed meteorology and oceanographic phenomenan under a strong wind condition due to a typhoon approaching. Recently, we incorporate the research topics of sediment transport and morphology from the region of river basin to river mouth and coastal zone for developing a monitoring site of "Fluvial and Coastal Systems".

Example of past researches
Title Keywords Used facilities Research institutions
河川の構造と生息場・生態系形成条件の関連分析ハビタットロジー,流水-土砂-構造物相互作用 穂高砂防観測所,(独)土木研究所,琉球大学,明石工業高等専門学校

Joint Research / Joint Usage

   The observation tower is utilized as a facility of joint usage / collaborative research taking advantage of its location that the tower is located in the center of Tanabe bay mouth. Many collaborative researches using the observation tower have been conducting, e.g. basic research regarding offshore wind power, observation of CO2 transport at the air-sea interface and so on.

共同研究打ち合わせ  共同観測

Example of Past Joint Research List

  • 九州大学応用力学研究所:大気・海洋間の運動量フラックスの観測研究
  • 岡山大学環境理工学部:大気・海洋間のCO2フラックスの観測研究
  • 愛知県立大学情報科学部:砕波による気泡連行の観測研究
  • 名古屋大学工学部:熊野川・七里御浜系での物質輸送の観測研究
  • 東海大学海洋学部:田辺湾の海水交換機構の観測研究
  • 豊橋科学技術大学:熊野川河口部の海浜変形の観測研究
  • 韓国海洋研究所:沿岸海洋観測ネットワークに関する共同研究
  • 台湾Coastal Ocean Monitoring Center (COMC):沿岸海洋観測ネットワーク
  • 神戸大学大学院工学研究科 市民工学専攻:高潮・波浪災害リスク軽減に向けた大気-海洋-地盤系における界面力学過程に関する現地調査(田辺湾)
  • 北海道大学大学院工学研究院:高潮予測に対する高波浪,強風下のエアレーションへの混相流体力学的寄与(田辺湾)
  • 徳島大学大学院ソシオテクノサイエンス研究部:森林の管理状況が河道災害のポテンシャルへ与える影響評価へ向けた萌芽的観測研究(和歌山県富田川支流西谷川)

Educational Activity

   The Shirahama oceanographic observatory is utilized as a facility of practice training, and provide an orientation seminar for freshmen (called ILAS Seminar or Pocket zemi) and Field Laboratories in Multi-scale Earth Dynamics1 in association with Shionomisaki Wind Effect Laboratory.

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Contribution to Society

   Many items of data observed at the tower are open to the public in real time through our observatory website, and it is a important factor of contributions to local society in shirahama oceanographic observatory. The observed data have been provided to the activity of cooperative research, Japan Coast Guard, Japan Oceanographic Data Center, Nanki-Shirahama Airport and local governments as occasion calls. In addition, we have conducted field surveys regarding improvement of Shirarahama beach and its environmental conservation, and have performed field surveys with Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, Field Science Education and Research Center(Kyoto University). We are aiming that our activities become contributing more to local society.