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  • Thanks to your cooperation, ISRS2013 has been closed with a great success. We could bring together many researchers, and had fruitful discussion and exchange through the interesting and informative presentations.
    Thank you very much again and see you in the ISRS2016 in Germany.
  • The tentative program has been updated on July 26, 2013.
  • The ISRS2013 LOC decided to provide financial support for the Accompanying persons' tours. Participants now can enjoy the Japanese ancient capitals, Kyoto and Nara, with a special discounted price. You may check details in your personal page.
  • The online paper submission and early registration have been finished. Colleagues who are interested in the symposium are welcome to make normal registrations through our online registration system till 17:00 August 9, 2013 (JST, UTC+9).
  • The deadline for Early Registration and Payment is 17:00 April 30, 2013(JST, UTC+9). Please finish your registration and payment as soon as possible if you would like to enjoy the special discount.
  • We are very sorry that the online registration system might work very slowly for users with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or above. We suggest you to enable Compatibility Mode of your browser which may speed up your registration process.
  • After two rounds of peer reviews, 274 papers have been provisionally accepted and 15 papers are requested for re-review by the ISRS2013 Review Board. Please revise your paper according to the comments sent to you via email and make your final submission at your earliest convenience. You may also check the status of your full paper through your personal page of the Online Paper Submission System. If you did not receive an email, please contact us as soon as possible at isrs2013@uh31.dpri.kyoto-u.ac.jp.
  • Different from the full paper submission, the final submission file will be a zip file, containing the PDF and the WORD files of your revised paper and a singed PDF version of a Consent to Publish Form.
  • The review results of the full paper will be sent via email to the corresponding primary author of each paper on March 15, 2013. The online registration system will also open on the same day.
  • The web server will be down due to the maintainance of the electrical equipments from March 01 to March 04.
  • Considering the large amount of requests, the LOC decided to extend the deadline for full paper submission to 17:00 January 15, 2013 (JST, UTC+9). Please finish your submission before the new deadline.
  • The online submission system is open for full paper submissions now. Please make sure to submit your full papers by Monday 31 December, 2012(JST, UTC+9).
  • The review results of abstracts have been sent to the corresponding primary authors. However, we found that some of the emails provided by the primary authors are not valid. If you did not receive an email, please contact us as soon as possible at isrs2013@uh31.dpri.kyoto-u.ac.jp. You may also check the status of your abstract through your personal page.
  • We are sincerely grateful to all authors who submitted their abstracts to ISRS2013. The ISRS2013 LOC received 436 abstracts from 36 countries/regions. Abstract acceptance notifications will be emailed to the primary author and will also be announced in the personal page of the primary author on November 1, 2012.
  • The ISRS2013 LOC is planning to collaborate with CRC Press / Balkema (Taylor & Francis Group) to publish ISRS2013 proceedings.
  • The ISRS2013 LOC decided to extend the deadline for abstract submission to September 30, 2012 (Sunday), considering the large amount of requests.
  • Dr. Tamotsu TAKAHASHI (Professor Emeritus of Kyoto University) and Dr. Yitian LI (Professor of Wuhan University) will deliver keynote lectures during ISRS2013.
  • Workshop on International Sediment Advancements (WISA) will be launched during ISRS2013. The inter-organizational workshop, organized under the auspices of UNESCO-IHP-ISI, will constitute the morning plenary session of the second day of ISRS2013 and will be devoted to disseminate beyond the limits of each membership the most significant progresses attained by several scientific associations operating in the field of sediment research and management.
  • Registration fee for ISRS2013 has been issued. Members of WASER or IAHR receive a special discount. In order to encourage the participation of young researchers, a special registration system is offered for full-time students. Please check the details by clicking the ONLINE REGISTRATION menu on your left.
  • ISRS2013 features Best Paper Award and Young Researcher Paper Award to award authors with superior quality paper submission to the symposium. Moreover, selected papers will be considered for a possible publication in the International Journal of Sediment Research.


Erosion and sedimentation processes in river catchments as well as their management are of global importance. The social, economic, environmental and political impacts of these processes are significant. They pose great challenges for our human society on the way to the mid-21st century. The issue calls for integrated and sustainable solutions.

On behalf of the entire Local Organizing Committee, we would like to take our great pleasure in inviting you to the 12th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (ISRS2013), September 2-5, Kyoto, Japan. Organized triennial from 1980 under the auspices of IRTCES (the International Research & Training Center on Erosion and Sedimentation), the ISRS symposia have been successfully held in China, USA, Germany, India, Egypt, Hong Kong (China), Russia and South Africa, the symposium series provide an important forum for scientists, engineers and policy-makers to exchange ideas, share information and make collaborations.

Japan experienced and is still experiencing a lot of challenges in erosion and sedimentation. With the rapid change of global climate, there is a great demand on revision and improvement of sediment management know-how and practices. The Kamo River in the city of Kyoto provides an excellent demonstration on typical sediment-related problems & sediment management methods in Japan. As the place resulted in the famous Kyoto Protocol to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the 12th ISRS in Kyoto will become an event of special meaning. Kyoto University, as one of the leading power in research & education on sediment hydraulics, erosion control engineering, river morphology, etc., owns a lot of reputed scholars, intelligent students, excellent environment and advanced facilities. The city and the university are ready to welcome participants from all over the world!

Prof. Dr. Shoji Fukuoka - Symposium Chair

Prof. Dr. Shoji Fukuoka

Symposium Chair
Prof. Dr. Hajime Nakagawa - Symposium Secretary General

Prof. Dr. Hajime Nakagawa

Symposium Secretary General